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Eliminate Credit Card Processing Fees

I want to Eliminate Fees and....

I want to keep my current credit card payment processor and eliminate the fees.

I want to switch to a new credit card payment processor and eliminate the fees.

I don't accept credit card payments yet, but I want to get started with no fees.

(This is a free service, at no cost to your business)

What people are saying...

Lena Dorian

Harley Meanis

Salon Owner

Restaurant General Manager

"I was paying $1200+ in credit card processing fees. This past February, I decided to give Merchant Slayer a shot. Their team was extremely easy to work with, and I haven't paid a Credit Card Processing fee since!"


"I've been using the same credit card processor at my restaurant in Cleveland for over 7 years. I didn't even know it was possible to lower or eliminate my credit card fees, I'm so glad my buddy told me about you guys!"


How does it work?

Existing Rate Negotiation

We will negotiate with your current processor to get you the lowest rate possible!

Best Rate Search

We will conduct a Rate Search and have processors bid for the lowest rate to earn your business!

Handle all the Paperwork

We'll handle all of the paperwork

and forms needed to get you on your way!

Lock in your Rates

We'll get those rates locked in for you,

so you can begin saving money every month on your credit card processing.


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